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Makati’s Inconspicuous E-Jeepney

It’s been months since I went to Manila, and what a welcome experience it has been when I saw the famously ignored e-jeepney while we’re on our way to Greenbelt 5 for an expensive dinner. The e-jeep hit the TV shows last year or last last year. I forgot about it for a while, although at the back of my mind I know there were e-jeeps roaming Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. I’m no stranger to Makati so I was really surprised to see this green car which is smaller than a jeep but bigger than a golf cart, and looks like the small cabs which services new routes in Lipa (like the Big Ben-PKI route). Luckily, cars were at a standstill at Dela Rosa St. and I was able to pull out our 1000D from its bag and in one swift motion, take a picture of the e-jeep before the traffic went on its way.

E-Jeepney of Makati Picture

Good thing the camera flash fired because it was already dark and I can;t see the writings on the jeep at that time. I went to the e-jeep website and learned that riding the e-jeep is free, but most importantly, is that it runs on purely car batteries.

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