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How To Save Gas

Here are some JR advice on how to get the most mileage out of your 500 peso gas refill, the science behind the advice, and why you should be doing it anyway, trying to save gas or not.

I’ve driven 50,000 km in my amateur driving career, which spans about 4 years now, and realized I have learned how to efficiently squeeze the last ounce of gas out of my car without having to read any gas-saving tip articles. I guess it’s the scientist in me I who says I’m pushing the gas pedal too hard or that I’m breaking too much during this particular trip, thus consuming more gasoline than what I can get by. I just have this feel for the car, and in many instances have I imagine 100 or so horses under the hood while driving down the expressway. I can tell when I’m pushing the horses too much.

1. Break only when necessary.

2. Accelerate mildly.

3. Drive with the highest gear possible.

4. Empty your trunk.

5. Maintain your car.

6. Drive below 80km/h and always leave early.

7. Maintain a 1 psi higher tire pressure than the factory recommendation.

8. Skip the comfort and use the bike.

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